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Stringjoy guitar & bass strings are handmade in the USA.
Our goals: Fuller tone. Lasting playability. True customization.
All our work is 100% Guaranteed.

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Fresh strings, made with quality materials and genuine care just sound and play better.

Here's how we do it:

• Stringjoy guitar strings are made by a small team in the USA, out of all American materials: top quality nickel and bronze alloys, hand wound around a high carbon steel core wire.

• The combination of better materials and more careful craftsmanship creates a more natural-sounding, longer lasting string, without the tone-deadening effects of string coatings.

• We're known for our quality control. Our strings are wound in small batches, and we use real human beings at every step of the process: the winding, the coiling, the packing, you name it.

• Every string is inspected individually before it goes into your set. If anything is wrong with a string, from the way it's secured around the ball end, through the entire winding, it doesn't make the cut.

What does a higher quality set of guitar strings mean for you?

✓ Better tuning stability for the life of the string
✓ Longer string life and less breakage, when cared for properly
✓ Smoother, more balanced playability across the neck of the guitar

Our guarantee is what we say it is.
If anything does not perform to your satisfaction, return it for a replacement or refund. No hassle, no worries.

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