1. Hey Scott, glad to know I'm not the only one who notices these things. The whole tangled cables thing, totally annoys me too. Another thing for me is when other string players don't tune properly. There is nothing worse than playing with another guitar that is out of tune. Interestingly enough, you brought up the Xavier Jazzmaster. I was recently looking at buying that guitar as a fixer-upper. Is it worth fixing up or would you save up for a Fender?
  2. First Let me say I love Stringjoy Strings.... Now... One of my Pet Peeves is a difficult to access 9 Volt battery compartment On Acoustic Electric Guitars. I’ve an older model Ovation Standard Balladeer which requires loosening the strings and a screwdriver to disengage the battery box from the inside of the guitar wall... Maddening..!.. Also bystanders, please let the musician pack his instruments and gear. He knows where they go, your offer is appreciated but.... When someone grabs a guitar from a stand as if to help the picker and you hear that dreaded sound, “BUMP/CRACK” it’s an absolute Nightmare. Thanks but no thanks.
  3. You hit one of my pet peeves (actually 2) : power input jacks located too close the patch cable jacks!! I have a very expensive compressor that has this "feature" and I have to put the patch cord in upside down from the others to make it fit my board. The other is the internal dipswitches.....ugh :(

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