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The first thing you’ll notice about our 7 String Guitar Strings is that we don’t skimp on the gauges to cut down on cost—we choose the best gauges for our 7 string sets—typically heavier than you’ll find elsewhere—which means that you’ll enjoy even, balanced tension across the entire fretboard of the guitar.

You’ll also dig the tone on our 7 string guitar strings—it’s full, well-rounded, and perfectly suited for heavier, chunkier styles, especially drop-tuning. Much of that is owed to the fact that we use more balanced gauges, often heavier than many of the other companies, which gives you a punchy, powerful tone that’s never weak or floppy.

All our strings are painstakingly crafted by a small team in the USA, which helps us ensure that we only put out the very highest quality strings around. And we back that statement up with a full, no fine-print, no BS guarantee. Either you agree we have the best 7 string guitar strings on the market, or you can send them back for a replacement or a refund with no hassle whatsoever.