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It can be a real challenge to find the right Baritone guitar strings. Most companies only offer one gauge of strings, and it’s almost impossible to find them in stock anywhere. Well, those dark days are over, friend.

Stringjoy Signatures Baritone Guitar Strings are always in stock, available in three balanced tension gauges, and completely customizable—yes, you heard that right. You can tweak any gauge in any set, at no extra charge.

We know that Baritone guitars are all a little different, and each requires its own unique solution, so we give you the power to choose.

Oh, and did I mention our balanced tension gauges? Yes, about those. We’ve designed each of our primary gauges of baritone guitar strings to give you perfectly balanced tension across the entire neck of the guitar. Smooth, consistent, even output. Comfort & flexibility. Excellent intonation. Enough tension on the bottom to not feel flabby.

With our baritone guitar strings, you really can have it all. Have at ’em…