Our classic pick shape is just that: tried and true, and trusted by millions of guitarists worldwide. Regardless of style, this shape will always treat you right.

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The true beauty of a Classic, or Standard Guitar Pick, is in its perfect balance of grip and precision. The elongated picking tip gives you plenty of dexterity to reach the string—or strings—you’re aiming for without any sloppiness. The fatter grip ensures that you can always feel where your pick is in your fingers, and keep a firm hold on it.

When it boils down to it, classic guitar picks are the most popular guitar pick shape for a reason—they work. And they don’t just work in a particular genre, players of practically every genre you’ve ever heard of have favored classic picks for their balanced attack and natural feel for decades, and it doesn’t seem likely that they’ll fall out of favor anytime soon.

So whether you’ve always been a Classic guitar pick player, or whether you haven’t played them since you first started out, know that if you give these guys a try, odds are, you’re not going to be dissatisfied.