Jumbo Jazz picks give you all the speed and precision of a sharp Jazz pick tip, with the larger, easier to grip body of a Classic pick. They’re our founder Scott’s favorite pick.

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Jumbo Jazz Picks—sometimes referred to as large jazz picks or Jazz XL Picks—are really a best of both worlds solution for players who like the sharp, precise picking tip of a traditional Jazz or Jazz III pick, but prefer to have a little bit more to hold onto than you’re commonly afforded with those pick shapes.

In terms of size, these are basically a classic pick (just a hair shorter from edge to tip), with a more aggressively shaved picking tip that’s just a few degrees wider than a typical jazz pick.

Because of this compromise, these are not only a great pick for metal or jazz players who just want a bit more pick to hold onto, but also they also work great as bass guitar picks, or as acoustic guitar picks for players who prefer to play with precision and speed.