When you want a little extra to hold on to, want a blunter pick tip, or simply want three tips on one pick—our Tri-Tip picks are just the thing. These are especially a favorite of Acoustic and Bass players.

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If you’re the type of player who wants a little bit more to hold onto, our Tri-Tip picks are the perfect choice for you. Shaped like a slightly smaller Dorito, they offer three separate, equally shaped picking tips, which in our opinion are great for two different purposes:

First off, if your playing style is such that your pick often moves around in your hand and you’re tired of having to readjust to find the picking tip, these are a lifesaver, because as soon as it’s rotated slightly in your hand, you have another picking tip to play with that will sound exactly the same as the one you were just using.

Second, if losing your picks isn’t a big problem, but them wearing down around the tip is, our Tri-Tip picks will basically give you three guitar picks in one, once one edge wears down a bit, simply start using a different one. We’ve had players send us pictures of these fellas worn so far down they look like nickels.