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All our electric and acoustic guitar strings are at least 41″ from ball-end to the end (or tail) of the string. Our bass strings are roughly 46″ from ball-end to tail.

Some of our strings have “Tapers” on them. Here’s the details about that:

Electric Guitar Strings:

Electric guitar string gauges above .068 have a taper at 36.5″ from the ball-end of the string.

Bass Guitar Strings:

Unless otherwise specified, our bass guitar strings have a taper at 38″ from the ball-end, ideal for both 34″ and 35″ basses. Gauges .130 and above are sold at two different lengths, a Long Scale version for 34″ scale basses (which have a 36.5″ winding) and another Extra Long Scale version for 35″ basses (which have a taper at 38″).

This is because for most gauges it isn’t a problem to wrap the thicker part of the string around the tuning peg, but for gauges .130 and up, the core wire will be under too much stress if wrapped around the peg, so we offer two different versions to ensure this doesn’t happen.

Acoustic Guitar Strings:

There are no tapers on our acoustic guitar strings.

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