Why isn’t my string wound all the way to the ball-end?

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On some of our heavier electric guitar strings (.070 and up) we “taper” the winding an inch or so from the ball-end of the string.

Why would we do a thing like that? Well, when you double back the core wire, twist it around itself, and wrap core wire around it you’re left with a pretty thick knob at the end of the string, considerably thicker than the rest of the string. This isn’t a problem on lighter gauges since it still isn’t too thick to fit through most tailpieces. But, when you get really heavy, this “knob” at the end can get super thick, and can cause problems fitting through many tailpieces.

The good news is, this doesn’t affect tuning, intonation, tone, or durability a bit. Fear not. All is well.

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