Stringjoy Broadways | Custom Pure Nickel Electric Guitar Strings

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Stringjoy Broadways are our homage to vintage round core, pure nickel guitar strings, but done better. More nickel, more flexibility, and the longest-lasting tone you’ve experienced in a set of electric guitar strings.

We took a classic approach to the gauges on our Broadway sets with just a few limited offerings in this line. But what if you want a balanced set? Or a perfect set for an alternate tuning? Or a wackadoo set that looks crazy to most but is perfect for you? Well friend, that’s why we’ve got custom options to suit your needs, at no extra charge of course.

Sound good? Rad. Select your ideal gauges from the drop-down menus below, and hit the blue button to add these to your cart.

Wondering what P and W stand for? String length questions? Click to expand...

What do the P’s and W’s mean?

  • All gauges lighter than .018 are plain steel, all heavier than .026 are pure nickel wound.
  • On gauges where we overlap, a “p” signifies plain steel, a “w” signifies a wound string.
  • So, if you see a .022w, that’s a wound string. A .022p is a plain string. If it doesn’t have either letter we only offer it as a wound string (if it’s heavier than .026) or a plain steel string (if it’s lighter than .018). Got it? Good.

How long are your strings?

  • All our strings are at least 41″ from ball-end to tip. They’ll fit extended range and baritone guitars no problem.
  • Wound strings end their wind at approximately 39.75″ from the ball-end, and have a longer core wire tail after that.


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Much like the famed Nashville street from which these get their name, our Broadways are steeped in tradition, but have undergone a major facelift.

Two years ago I came up with the idea to make a vintage original guitar string, the idea was to make a string that was identical in every specification to a set of strings you would have bought in the 1960s. I knew this meant using round core wire and pure nickel wrap wire (the original standards before hexagonal core and nickel-plated steel wrap wire were popularized), but I wanted to take it a step further and duplicate the core to cover ratios (the relative thickness of the core and wrap that make up a string) of classic string sets to get the feel as period-correct as possible.

So, I purchased dozens of sets of strings from the 1950s and 1960s and took them apart to study the ratios and winding techniques used to make them. After researching as many strings as I could get my hands on, I went about carefully reproducing them in every way on our equipment, and finally strung up the first set on a guitar.

And guess what? They sounded terrible. None of that vintage warmth was present, they were super tinny—and stiff as all get out.

Turns out, there was no golden age of strings. Manufacturers back then used as thick of core wire as possible, and as thin of wrap wire as possible, in order to keep costs low (steel core is relatively cheap, but pure nickel wrap wire is super expensive). This lead to a stiff, thin sounding string.

So I went back to the drawing board and set out to make a set of strings that sounded and played the way I had expected from the vintage strings. This meant going the opposite direction—using a strong but thin steel core a ton of pure nickel wrap wire, and compressing the wrap wire with twice as much force as normal in order to get as much nickel as possible on each gauge.

And after another several months of testing, I landed on the perfect recipe and our Broadways were born. They have tons of warmth, but don’t sacrifice high-end presence. They’re super flexible, but hold tune like nobody’s business. Without a doubt, these are my favorite strings I have created thus far.

-Scott Marquart
Stringjoy, LLC

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