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You’re probably thinking to yourself “Who the heck in their right mind would buy a gosh-darn million dollar gift card from some some guitar string company?”

We asked ourselves the same exact question, but try as we might, we couldn’t come up with a reason not to make one. We figured in the off chance that someone somewhere wanted to buy a million dollar gift card, why should we stand in their way? If somebody wants to get a million dollars worth of guitar strings, then by golly they should be able to!

Just to put this all into perspective, $1,000,000 worth of guitar strings would be 84,000 sets. That means if you changed your strings every single day, it would take you until March of 2247 to go through them all. That’s 230 years.

I don’t even know if guitars will still use strings in the year 2247, or if there will just be lasers going up and down the neck of your guitar (which honestly sounds pretty rad to me). This is all assuming our robot overlords allow us to play guitars in 230 years.

But if you want your great-grandchildren to enjoy the good ol’ days of when music was made by plucking some metal wires, then you might want to go ahead and stock up.

Now, if you were to purchase 84,000 sets, place each string end to end, and tie them together, you could make a rope, complete with a 30-ish mile wide lasso, to wrangle the International Space Station back to Earth. But if you do that and get in trouble with NASA (which you will), keep us out of it.

Before you click that big orange button though, just make sure you have enough room to store all those strings, because you’re gonna need about two and half football fields.


If you don't love it, we'll replace it. No hassle, no fine print, no questions asked.

“In terms of construction they seemed to surpass most of the other strings I’ve used . . . Tunings also held firmly right out of the gate, lasting several hours of playing on Sunday morning (two church services). Having brand new strings hold a tuning that well isn’t typical.”

“Stringjoy’s custom strings sound and feel like a good set of strings . . . the tone is well balanced and there’s no odd texture or coated feel to the string.”

“Stringjoy is committed to bringing you a high-quality string with a custom, handmade experience.”

“Stringing these up, I immediately liked the feel . . . Good tone, good life and no breakage.”

“High-quality, handmade strings with the added benefit of allowing customers to customize the gauge of each string they order.”

“Hand wound, custom gauge strings for your guitar . . . made just the way you like it . . . so you can shred faces like never before.”

“Low-end really did feel more balanced and the higher end seemed more comfortable to play . . . Overall they seem to be top notch strings.”

“So far, I haven’t had any of the strings break. They sound great, very clear tone…”

“A lot of buyers tend to look for the USA made products, which usually come with the extra quality that the extra checks and balances buys, whether it be a Gibson Les Paul, a Fender MIA strat, or an original NYC Muff. This is where Stringjoy fits in, an American builder in the USA, with all the quality that you can assume comes with that.”

How much does shipping cost?

All US orders ship free, so long as they’re over $20. Alaska and Hawaii too. Simple as that. No tax (except for our fellow TN residents), no extra handling charges, nothing.

We do ship internationally as well, though unfortunately we can’t do it for free, but we get as close to it as we can. There’s some more info on all that at the bottom of this tab.

How long will it take for my order to ship?

Most string and pick orders ship within 2 business days, many within 1 business day (Monday – Friday, minus postal holidays). We want to get your gear out as quickly as possible, but quality is important to us above all, and we will not rush the process.

The most important thing to us is that everything in your order is perfect, and that’s why we take the time to put together and inspect each individual order by hand.

Do you ship outside of the US?

We’ll ship most anywhere in the world. Our site will automatically calculate the shipping costs on the checkout page. We’ve worked really hard to get international shipping costs super low (they start below $3 an order, depending on weight and destination country), and we do subsidize them substantially to keep them that way.

Due to the wealth of country tax and tariff codes the world over, any and all import duties or fees are the responsibility of the purchaser.

Typically, international orders arrive in 1-3 weeks, though occasionally packages will take a bit longer and still arrive safe and sound, so we don’t consider a package to be “lost” until 6 weeks from the shipment date. As always, if you have any questions, concerns, or trouble with your order, we’re here to help.

Questions? Email us!

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